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A Short History Of The Thaddeus Gazette

Hi. I'm Thaddeus Spae. I'm a musician, writer, graphic designer, CD manufacturer and general specialist living in the rain-encrusted backwoods of Seattle Washington. Don't move here. The trees are gone, Boeing is going and Microsoft is, well, micro. And soft. Did I mention it rains here?

The Thaddeus Gazette is my own personal belfry, existing solely to expel the bats of my imagination. It started out back in 1996 as a weekly email to my friends and family. It hasn't changed all that much since, although I've experimented with various alterations of the style and content, to thunderous silence on the part of pretty much everybody else. I killed it off forever in 2000, but it rose from the grave in 2002 as a full-fledged (okay, semi-fledged) website and has been shambling along ever since, leaving an uncertain trail of dirt clods and dropped-off digits in its wake. While I cranked a solid 150,000 words worth of, uh, whatever into it between '02 and '06, my output has valved back to bimonthly entries since then.

That, of course, could change at the drop of a decent espresso. I just moved the whole dear mudball into a new server complete with its own domain and goodness, why there's so much room here I could just swing a cat. This might well be the advent of Thaddeus Gazette IV: Electric Boogalalia. Or not. With the way the economy's been going, this time next year I could be posting my subtle and transformative screeds from the Hotel Frigidare, if not beautiful Camp Reagan (a member of the Homeland Security Enterprises fine family of penal colonies). Then again again, this might just be my moment to grasp destiny firmly in an oxidizing iron gauntlet and drive my mark into the shifting sands of history.

Man, I gotta stop drinking so much coffee.

Either that or drink a lot more.


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