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Greek Salad, Side Of Music

In the spirit of the season, my ode to epistemological eschatology. Happy Solstice! (NSFW because RAWK!)

Immanentize The Eschaton

I met Buddha in the bad part of town
back in an alley with his hat pulled down
he said to me your money or your life
I said this is a koan right?
He said you'll die if you don't pay
I said I'm gonna die anyway
he pulled out a nine held it up high
he was gonna open up my third eye

Ch: I said it's all right go right on
immanentize the eschaton
you can't fight god with a gun
immanentize the eschaton

I saw Moses layin down the law
shinin up his badge and practicing his draw
he makes his living takin down crooks
he says he always goes by the books
he said to me now don't you sin
you cross that line and I'll run you in
I said I'm just tryin to ease the pain
he started practicing his draw again (ch)

Moses and Buddha they had a war
neither one knew what it was for
everybody else made a point to be gone
they cleared off the street and said bring it on
Buddha he took a middle stand
Moses came back with the ten commands
east is east and west is west
they reached for the weapons that they knew best (ch)