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Do I Detect A Pattern?

So here's a quaint little ditty I wrote a couple years ago whilst waiting to see the dentist on my birthday. Which, coincidentally ("dental," GET IT??), I'll be doing again today.

Does life have funny little repetitions for you too? Sure it does!

Birthdays And X-Rays

Sitting in the treatment chair
waitng for my dental care
brand new health insurance
no mistake
This is not my chosen way
to celebrate my natal day
not a single present and
too much cake

(Ch) Birthdays and x rays
showing what's inside you
giving you a guide to
know your fate
Birth and death are accidents
waiting to happen
life is just what happens
while you wait

Antiseptic in the air
muzak playing by the stair
ready to receive my
gamma kiss
Held down by a sheet of lead
aim the blaster at my head
nursey lady telling me
bite on this (Ch)

Soon the kindly dentist comes
sinking tools into my gums
measuring the bone loss
with each gash
Those rear molars have to go
hate to have to tell you so
you don't need a root canal
you need cash (Ch)