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And So It Begins—Again


Okay, I quit. I admit it. I give up. HAPPY FREAKIN NEW YEAR DAMMIT.

Despite my heel-dragging and protestations to the contrary, it's time for my Traditional Happy New Year Calendar (since the fall of the 20th century!), just in time for the Endless Campaign For Endless Representative Oligarchy already in session on your local everywhere fine media are streamed. Hurry hurry. Step right up. One dollar, one vote.

Our fine Thaddeus Gazette electronic item comes in two delicious flavors:

Version 1, suitable for viewing on devices: calendar16.pdf

Version 2, meticulously paginated for actual woodpulp-and-ink meatspace publication: calendar16print.pdf

Now get out there, clamp a clothespin on your nose and vote for the leper with the most fingers. You know you want to.

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