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Look Back In Wha?

Merry merry happy happy yup yup yup I'm Thwaddeus Spwae and this is 2020. New decade, woo hoo.

Still here, still weird, still tilting at dragons with a disposal lance and a bagful of cliches. Or chiclets, whichever is most convenient. And once again, armed and ridiculous with another calendar.

As usual, there are two eminantly downloadable versions: one to print, one to view on your electronic device. Have fun and don't forget to vote.

Printable version

Straight version

Notes on the downloads: If all you want is something to read on your tablet, the Straight Version calendar works great. But if you want to sacrifice leaves of sacred paper and replicate your own personal copy, use the Printable Version file as follows: Print the whole document, even pages only. Then, print the odd pages so that page 1 appears upside down on the back of 2, 3 upside down on 4 and so forth. Depending on how your printer handles paper, you may wind up reversing the pagination to make your calendar work right. Fold the entire schmere in half so the cover is out, saddle stitch the spine and just like downtown. Only with better parking.

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