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Solstice Begins Here


Happy Solstice, you magnificent critters you!

Yes, it's time once again to contemplate the endlessly turning wheel of the year, to mark the preternatural divisions of past, present and future, to muse on the many moods of life, to pretend that I'm actually continuing to update this decrepid heap of dusty henscratchings, that most wunnerful time of the year, CALENDAR TIME!!!

My, my, where did that pesky year go? Seems like only last week I was masking and kvetching about mean ol' COVID19 (wot, still here in '22? Somebody's outstayed their use-by date) and achingly looking forward to spring and the promise of unfettered performing, though not to the midterms.

And then unfettered performing had its own little breakout and suddenly I was running my butt off trying to keep up and it was spring and it was summer and it was fall and I ran and ran and ran and now it's winter again. And this week at least, colder than I like. Like my sister sez, the tilt of the earth's axis of rotation is the reason for the season. Thanks a lot, axis of rotation. But the midterms weren't nearly the disaster we were expecting, look at that.

And once again, here I be, masking and kvetching about mean ol' COVID19 (not to mention mpox and RSV and all their other crappy little cousins) and achingly looking forward to spring, or at least to a more meteorologically normative winter.

But rather than turn this into another pallid imitation of Aunt Jane and Uncle Monty's Xmas letter, let's just cut to the chase, shall we? The new phone books may be long gone, but the Thaddeus Gazette Calendar just keeps blundering on like a blind ox in a field of daisies. And sooooo, here it is:

The 2023 Thaddeus Gazette Calendar!

Printable Version         Straight Version

And a Hippy Happy holiday season to all, and to all a good night.

Notes on the downloads: If all you want is something to read on your tablet, the Straight Version calendar works great. But if you want to sacrifice leaves of sacred paper and replicate your own personal copy, use the Printable Version file as follows: Print the whole document, even pages only. Then, print the odd pages so that page 1 appears upside down on the back of 2, 3 upside down on 4 and so forth. Depending on how your printer handles paper, you may wind up reversing the pagination to make your calendar work right. Fold the entire schmere in half so the cover is out, saddle stitch the spine and just like downtown. Only with better parking.

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