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Oh Stoat, Not This Again


Oh the shame of it. No Thaddeus Gazettes no more. Every year I bust out another excuse and make another resolution, but it's the heat death of the universe around here. Slowly but surely this is turning into a cobweb site (as my pal Hobbit would say).

People, I gotta confess: I've gotten older. And while I haven't run out of ideas, for some reason the curb between me and the setting of those ideas down in deathless prose has steadily gotten, well, curbier. I have inspirations for fun little essays every other day, but there never seems to be a dedicated moment to attack them that isn't nibbled away by a hundred other tasks and projects, gigs and practice and recording and duplication and attending to the needs of a special needs step-grandchild, as well as the eternal war against the ravages of entropy that is every homeowner's legacy. Inevitably, with high-importance tasks taking presidence, lower ones drop off the bottom of the Thaddiedo list, settling slowly so slowly into the ashpit of history.

But take heart! There's always another toy or enthusiasm or national election to jolt me back into temporary galvanic motion, coughing out another lurid just-so about another of my clever little theories. Or, in this case, a calendar. Yes, it's the annual what's-he-on-about-this-time Thaddeus Calendar release, 2024 edition, available as is wont in both straight and print paginations. Pucker up, Buttercup, here comes election season!

The 2024 Thaddeus Gazette Calendar!

Printable Version         Straight Version

Happy New Year!

Notes on the downloads: If all you want is something to read on your tablet, the Straight Version calendar works great. But if you want to sacrifice leaves of sacred paper and replicate your own personal copy, use the Printable Version file as follows: Print the whole document, even pages only. Then, print the odd pages so that page 1 appears upside down on the back of 2, 3 upside down on 4 and so forth. Depending on how your printer handles paper, you may wind up reversing the pagination to make your calendar work right. Fold the entire schmere in half so the cover is out, saddle stitch the spine and just like downtown. Only with better parking.

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