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Happy New Year!


Well, here we go again. In the midst of global warming and rising fascism and wealth inequity and military unrest and oh yeah @#%^^$# COVID, we turn our backs on responsible angst and pause to pay heed and tribute to an arbitrary rollover of a numbering system assigned to keep track of the trackless wastes of time.

And you know what? THAT'S AWESOME!!!

It's easy to be realistic. We all do it every time we crawl out of bed and face the ever-darkening day. Everything in our physical natures is designed to keep us hyper-vigilant and responsive to the innumerable devious dangers of the world. We're well-oiled realism machines is what we are.

Except. Deep down in our psyches lurks that insidious spark of creativity, of fantasy and desire and wistful speculation, obsession and distraction and wonder, forever luring us away from stolid, sensible despair and down the fragrant primrose path of hope. Hope for the future. Hope for the present. Hope for the past. Hope for ourselves and our loved ones and the unwashed masses and overly-perfumed classes. Hope for Zuckerberg and Musk, even.

Okay, maybe not Zuckerberg and Musk. But still.

The Gregorian Calendar New Year represents not one single solitary sliver of reality: not the solstice (ten days ago), not the anniversary of any outstanding event (except maybe Abraham Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. That was cool), not even the (exact) period of orbit of Earth (see year, leap). What it does represent is the etherial notion of a fresh start, a rebirth, a reset of all the sins of the world if only for the time it takes for the bell to toll and the drunken crowds to count down to the ball falling in Time Square.

And in fealty to that desperate, fragile flower of hope, I present to you in trembling humility a small gift:

The 2022 Thaddeus Spae Calendar!

Printable Version         Straight Version


Notes on the downloads: If all you want is something to read on your tablet, the Straight Version calendar works great. But if you want to sacrifice leaves of sacred paper and replicate your own personal copy, use the Printable Version file as follows: Print the whole document, even pages only. Then, print the odd pages so that page 1 appears upside down on the back of 2, 3 upside down on 4 and so forth. Depending on how your printer handles paper, you may wind up reversing the pagination to make your calendar work right. Fold the entire schmere in half so the cover is out, saddle stitch the spine and just like downtown. Only with better parking.

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