Thaddeus Gazette Archives, 2002-2006

Thaddeus Gazette Top Ten -- An introduction for the curious.

January 2006 -- Fighting Fire With Marshmallows, Happy New Year with Madam Zuzu, further adventures in appliance repair, disappointed scientists and (wait for it) site rennovation month.

December 2005 -- Welcome to the Onion Cellar, the Thermostat Parable, brain engines and a Merry Xbox.

November 2005 -- Prop-up Amber Tide, time travel on the dance floor, turkey week and mental jujitsu.

October 2005 -- Sheetrock conformity, the American Way of Smoke, why I'm not a feminist, note from home and masks of personality.

September 2005 -- Hurricane party, my historical legacy, short shorts and a picture.

August 2005 -- The music sieve, honoring the gift, summer rerun, rawk for nerds and His Noodly Appendage

July 2005 -- Get outta posting free, funny money and hope for existentialists.

June 2005 -- Triversary, Orin Hatch -- songwriter, upgrade burnout, and yesterday's values today.

May 2005 -- Drips, Mr. Mom, gonna change the way I'm livin -- not, the mole, and musicians in the mirror.

April 2005 -- Foolish lyrics, critters n varmints, soy un perdedor and the ascention of Uncle Pappy.

March 2005 -- Big Art, the conservation of money, a good week and the rites of spring.

February 2005 -- My Internet horoscope, Valentine, mad for Darwin and blown away by Mythbusters.

January 2005 -- Rapping with MC Zuzu, tsunami guest column, chump PC's, zen essay and an effective protest, just for once.

December 2004 -- Cultural unity through advertising, girls girls girls, happy holidays and the new Emperor's new clothes.

November 2004 -- Vote!, exit poll, safety underground, works vrs. grace and technical difficulties.

October 2004 -- Interview with God, mashed potatoes vocals, The Grunt Debate and a squirrel tail.

September 2004 -- A knight of Tolkien, Wheel! Of! Justice!, undermining America one guitar at a time and unnatural plum butter (good though).

August 2004 -- A modest proposal, out to lunch, make big bucks in the guitar-playing business! and a dirty story.

July 2004 -- Guilt keeps it real, the Swiss Army Thaddeus, muted praise for indistinct acomplishment, and De Sade Saves.

June 2004 -- The ambiguous comforts of Madam Zuzu, Intelligent nonDesign, the grooviness of James Joyce and My Secret Identity Revealed (like you didn't know)..

May 2004 -- The advent of Snake Suspenderz, America sinks and goes home, cgi will eat itself, philosophy in your eyeballs and my fascinating colonoscopy.

April 2004 -- The gimme gotcha, learning from depression, too hip to hop and the Golden Variations.

March 2004 -- The Endless Power Swap, SODS for Jeebus, America needs gay marriage, spiritual copyright violation and juggler envy -- not.

February 2004 -- Groundhog existentialism, Superboobie, happy birthday to me and the great American road movie.

January 2004 -- New Year's possibilities, tranny repair, Getting It Done (or not) and the tspae legacy guitar fund.

December 2003 -- I'm a googlewhack!, Britney sucks (duh), Oh Canada, Christmas lights and year-end clearance links.

November 2003 -- Econodynamics, show biz meltdown, Trek drek and those wacky marriage-minded gays.

October 2003 -- Justified monkeys, the road not taken, robot monkeys and immortal worms..

September 2003 -- Homegrown jazz guitar, the noble artist saves civilization, flying cars on the internet and The Selfishness of Virtue (tm).

August 2003 -- Religious doggie, the Night Singer revealed, the triumphant return of Madam Zuzu, and the tg steps out for a beer.

July 2003 -- Departure of an old friend, absolute Evil the scientific way, adorable young rebels and the mathematics of Fun.

June 2003 -- The Ghost of Vaudeville Past, the superiority of art, crime and crazyness, the rule of disorder and the absence of destiny.

May 2003 -- Lowbrow tech, a prayer at a buffet, the attack of the 800 pound Marxist and Inside Me.

April 2003 -- April is the foolest month, cooking up a mix, frame wars and the artist as beatnik.

March 2003 -- The Force unmasked, hot links served, the Law reviled and my garden dies.

February 2003 -- Heroic feline ovums, the Call of the Wild, America's Inner Haskell and the death of music reviews (as thousands cheer).

January 2003 -- Peacenik folkies R us, the storytelling brain, 25 years of Amber Tide and Pin the Zeitgeist on the Culture.

December 2002 -- The Heal Wheel, Improvising Industries redux, escalator economics, caught in the OS trap and Universal Upgrade Theory.

November 2002 -- The ephemeral gasp of a public service announcement (and its aftermath), band overdose, driftwood from the Information Abyss, and Emmanuel Cant.

October 2002 -- The Ballad of Mister Fixit, doubts about democracy, cracking my inner crab and trombone repair as existential revolt.

September 2002 -- Dark interior dialogs, OS rebellion, plum butter revealed, evil cell phone ads and the predictions of Madam Zuzu.

August 2002 -- Revenge of the Indie Musicians, evolutionary bedtime reading, embedded processor jokes (Geekazoid Warning) and behaviorism vrs. the law (pay per view).

July 2002 -- Visions of the Cedar Window, Bokononism and the art of songwriting, a pictorial tour of the Oregon Country Fair and yet another exposition of the Science of Confusion.

June 2002 -- Begin at the beginning with tales of computer repair, a screed against webopinion and the report from the Shortest Night Of The Year.

More Groovy Stuff

The Chautauqua Letter -- Classic description of a New Old Time Chautauqua benefit, from May of 2001.

Thaddeus the Verb -- My main claim to immortality may be my presence on a Frank Zappa album, but this locution runs a close second. From 1999.

Fresh Meat, Same Old Can -- The Best of the Thaddeus Gazette 1996-1998 Neatly edited collection of the least illiterate portions of the original TG, from those bittersweet days of yore before the dotcom crash. Now ensconsed in the land of commerce as a Kindle e-book.

Former Songs of the Week:

THE CHUMLEIGHLAND MARCH -- My absolutely greatest hit.
REMOD -- A thrilling tale of home improvement.
TEQUILA -- Wack joys of the Leetle Weesle Orchestra, courtesy Clayzeness Whistle Works.


The National Liar -- All the news you hoped to miss.
Macro the Mighty! -- Series 1 -- the early eons.
Under the Radar -- Buttons and bumper stickers for the New Millenium -- and beyond!
Art-O-Mat -- Kyewl stoopid shareware graphic program for Mac Classic.
Retirement Jokes -- Just when you thought it was safe to go back to work
The Zen Commandments -- Inscrutable Wisdom from the Mystic West.
Beveled Surfaces -- College doodles gone terribly terribly wrong.
Down My Street -- My hood, may it ever be right, but right or wrong my hood.
Dangerous Words -- Couldn't have said it better myself.
Meet the Instruments -- Take a little walk through the Chickadee Glen Musical Zoo.